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Canti di Davide, concerto for clarinet and orchestra (2001)

Premiere, David Shifrin, solo, with The Virginia Symphony, Wes Kenney, cond. Norfolk Virginia, 6 October 2001. Published by MMB. 25’.

Comment: This concerto was written for David Shifrin in memory of our mutual friend, the great pianist David Golub.

Review: “The opening Lament is dark and brooding, punctuated by sharp chords, the soloist intoning cantorial melodic figures that move with difficulty toward a climax after which the music recedes into quiet. ‘Big Al’ is a jazz interlude initially quite elegant but concluding raucously. ‘Consolation’ evokes the feeling of a pop ballad, with a busier and more embellished middle section. ‘Corso Magenta’ portrays a busy Milanese street near Golub’s Italian home and is collage-like in its evocation of Italian music. The concluding ‘Isola San Michele’ is again music of reflection, but now with a luminous sound that sets off the longer clarinet melody. Schiff’s music is attractive and accessible. He gives ample opportunity to his soloist to display technique. One experiences a musical journey here, and the concluding pages are especially memorable for their quiet resignation. Paul Sayegh, The Virginian-Pilot, 8 October 2001.