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All About Love for mezzo-soprano, tenor and chamber ensemble (2004)

Commissioned by Chamber Music Northwest. Premiere 1 July 2004 with Milagro Vargas and Leodigario del Rosario. Published by MMB. One hour.

Comment: This hour-long song cycle based on texts by Petrarch, Labé, Melville, Tsvetaeva, Keats, Proust and Bishop contains several stand-alone movements: Melville (6’) , Proust (10’) and Bishop (6’) — and the interludes that follow.

Review: “All About Love treats meter like taffy, constantly squeezing and pulling with rhythms that alternate from double to triple to quintuple, often from bar to bar and frequent use of triplets — three notes over two beats — that further reinforce the plasticity of the vocal lines. It also features some brilliant play of timbres as with the clarinet, flute and violin in the instrumental interlude ‘Summer’ in which you could nearly see the heat rising off the pavement.”James McQuillen, The Oregonian, 3 July 2004.